"Ogni Male Fore" – Digressione Music (2013)
1 Zitte Zitte


2 Scongiuro


3 Il canto e la cura


4 Spina spinella  
5 Sciatavinn


6 Da la vocc


7 Tammurriata della mascìa  
8 La tentazione  
9 Mano manca mano santa  

“Ogni Male Fore” represents an ideal path through a fascinating territory of material culture: folk medicine. Folk healing formularies are an integral part of a people’s material and spiritual culture. These formularies put together the most pagan aspects of popular culture with a fervent religiousness, magic or thaumaturgic practice with a medicine linked to the actual knowledge of healing herbs, in a combination which never results to be forced. The material concerning this research, which has been carried out within a strictly Apulian field, is difficult to find, as it is hidden in a mysterious place of popular memory. These remedies are handed down from generation to generation through a mainly female line during special and mysterious nights, such as Christmas Eve or Saint John’s night. In each track of the cd formulas revive in the singing and in the sound of Faraualla, in an ideal path to physical and spiritual recovery. Faraualla presents some innovations regarding the sound and the musicians. The vocal quartet will be supported by percussions, but also by a rhythm section of bass and drum, which gives the sound of the group a strong innovation impulse, though keeping its identity unchanged.

Serena Fortebraccio - Gabriella Schiavone
Maristella Schiavone - Teresa Vallarella

Percussions: Cesare Pastanella - Drum: Pippo D’Ambrosio - Bass: Angelo Pantaleo



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