Voice and percussions are a sort of  living fossils, they’re body and sound at primordial state and yet endlessly renewed. They are surely the first instrument used by humanity: hit body, cries, whispers. Adam, Eve and Lucy, they make music in this way, just like Maria Callas,  Sinatra, Max Roach and Cathy Berberian. Measuring  against these instruments is just about trying to ride a tyrannosaurus; it means  evoking primordial nature, primeval matter. A sea that draw on primordial ocean. And just from the deep come  the voices of Faraualla. But if you listen very hard, the  popular tradition of Apulia, the Murgia, the Mediterranean sea, they haven’t got  much to do with it. It’s clear: they are useful for putting a number plate on the car, naming a starting point. After getting on board this vocal machine you’re carried away far and wide: from renaissance polyphony to neo avant-garde, from Ars Nova to Pop,  from folk to jazz. All this naturally , without obtrusively forcing, without making a collage of styles  as amateurs of crossover use to do.< After all, this is the secret of Faraualla: the ability of present with genius and spontaneity an unlimited schedule of references, ideas, proposals that, coming from the deep, seem –just for this reason- always brand-new. Ulysses would not cope with them. "
Michele Dall’Ongaro - Radio 3

The vocal quartet Faraualla was born in 1995. After having deepened the study of vocality within different kinds of music, the four singers have found a common interest investigating the use of voice as an instrument, practicing polyphony and going into vocal expressions of different ethnicities and different times. The outcomes of this work can be found in the repertory of Faraualla, in original compositions that often develop from an improvised matrix, as well as in traditional songs. The suggestions of a journey through cultures so far from one another melt together into an original synthesis in which cultural roots of the group strongly emerge. The presence of Apulia can be found in the “sound” of the quartet, in the percussions that play with the voices, and in the very name of the group..

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