"Correte Sorelle" - Faraualla and Lucilla Galeazzi
The voice is protagonist: the most physical, mysterious emotional instrument, endowed with the privilege of the word. Ninety minutes of show in which are alternated monophonic and polyphonic melodies, sometimes accompanied by a guitar or a tambourine. Voices that sing, pray, mourn, cry the unheard pain of the poor, through the change of the seasons, the immutability of the rite, preserving its role of cyclical repetitiveness and protection of the community. This is a para-liturgical repertory of the oral history handed down to us by fraternities but also by groups of women that, in several towns in the South or in Latium, have retrieved processions during the Holy Week, disused by brotherhoods. The pieces range from the North to the Middle, to the South and the Islands, preferring southern and middle area. The meeting between Lucilla Galeazzi, great performer of Italian popular tradition since many years, and Faraualla, innovators of polyphonic tradition, make this show full of pathos and colours.
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